Sanatory Sarmysh Say

Our hotel «Texno Plaza» offers its guests to visit a magnificent place of Sarmyshsay, located 30-40 km away from the city of Navoi. We are eager to announce that the construction of our recreation resort is in its final stage and soon we hope to see you in it. Our resort consists of 10 detached houses, buried in verdure. The resort also has a swimming pool, playground and other attractions that place our guests to rest and relaxation. We also organize tours from the resort area to the historical sites of glory, such as the place of Sarmyshsay.

Sanatory Sarmysh Say

The Sarmyshsay’s a total area is 20 km ², located between the cities of Navoi and Nurata toward the southern slope of the Karatau mountain in Navbakhor area. Sarmyshsay is a single archaeological complex, which consists of the oldest caves in which still one can see traces of living of our ancestors, flint mines, settlements, burial mounds and burial grounds.

On the territory of Sarmyshsay here and there scattered rock carvings or as they are called petroglyphs, which belong to different periods from the Stone Age to the Middle and the new time. In general, the experts have counted about 4,000 extant images that were carved on the vertical and horizontal planes of mountain rocks.

Petroglyphs are a large collection of rock art that reveal the life, culture, history and customs of our ancestors who lived in the valley in ancient times. Here you can see pictures of animals, human figures, whole scenes of hunting and others.

In 2003, the place of Sarmyshsay was organized into the "Nature and Archaeological Complex, Museum Sarmyshsay", which now is under the protection of UNESCO.

Nature of Sarmyshsay deserves a special mention. The mountain slopes are covered with thick bushes, various trees grow here, but the most amazing spectacle is a scattering of tulips and poppies among the emerald greens in spring.

Once you see all the splendor of Sarmyshsay and feel this unique atmosphere, you would wait with great anticipation for your next visit to this lovely place.